CIF Investigations is driven by three core values:

Integrity, Honor, and Loyalty


  • You can be assured that we will not quote services that we will not be able to provide.
  • All of our investigators are employed by CIF Investigations, Inc. We will sub-contract our work to other companies.
  • All of the situations that occur in the field will be discussed prior to and during the investigation.
  • No additional charges will be added to your invoice without prior approval or discussion.


  • The employees at CIF possess a strong work ethic dedicated to quality and self-improvement.
  • We seek clients that possess our similar values.
  • CIF is committed to provide the level of service that should be expected by our clients. We will make every effort to fulfill all reasonable expectations.
  • Communication between CIF and our clients is the most effective way to make certain that there will be no surprises.


  • At CIF, we believe that the most important part of business relationships is the loyalty and respect between the client and business, as well as the business and employees.
  • CIF will not make empty promises or commitments.
  • The employees of CIF are just as important to the success of CIF as CIF is important to the success of our employees.
  • The future of CIF is equally as important to us as the future of our clients.

When searching for a company to trust with your most vital situations, you should feel comfortable with their abilities, practices and values.

We, at CIF, understand that not everyone will be a good fit for our service so we work to understand your needs and expectations before any work begins.

We hate surprises, and so should you.


Licensed in Texas and Oklahoma

Some states currently do not require special licensing to provide investigative services; however, state legislation is always subject to change.


Using advanced equipment and technology to give you the best source of evidence.

Criminal Investigations

We help to obtain evidence, witness interviews or locate individuals.

Insurance Claim Investigations

Assistance with gathering evidence, locating and interviewing witnesses.

Background Checks

Employment screenings
and welfare concerns.