CIF Investigations offers the following services, but that does not limit our scope of investigations to just these items. If your organization is tax exempt please notify us in advance and be prepared to provide the proper paperwork.

Criminal Investigations

With decades of combined law enforcement training and experience on staff, CIF Investigations is fully capable of handling many different types of criminal investigations, such as arson, homicide, missing persons, burglary, sexual assault, theft, etc.

*Covert Surveillance

CIF Investigations has an elite hand-picked staff of investigators that specialize in covert surveillance, both mobile and on foot, and are equipped with concealable cameras for most situations. Our investigators are trained to observe our policy of remaining undetected to avoid compromising any investigation, with the idea that once the subject has become aware of an investigation in progress then their behavior will be altered and the future need for follow-up investigations will also be at risk. A minimum of four hours is required.

Insurance Claims Investigations

Our staff includes former and currently licensed insurance adjusters trained in SIU level investigations and are well experienced to handle almost every type of claim investigation to include scene inspections, interviews, evidence collection and retention, alive and well checks, photograph and data gathering.

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

With years of knowledge and experience in dealing with the many aspects of this field, our investigators have the distinct ability to be one of the few highly trained and qualified staff prepared to handle the constantly changing world of mortgage fraud. Based on your direction, we are able to review the loan file to search for potential indicators of misrepresentation and follow-up with the relevant parties to obtain statements and any other evidence that may be needed to help with resolution.

Background Checks

CIF Investigations uses multiple database sites to cross-check information to ensure that a more reliable and accurate product is produced. Once a database search is conducted, further due-diligence is performed to eliminate as much of the erroneous information as possible. Background Checks are available in both database and in-person style searches; however, some database searches have been known to contain errors or inaccuracies so the in-person search is recommended for some circumstances.

Person Locates

Our investigators are trained in various methods and techniques used to search for and locate individuals in accordance with all federal and local laws. Using database searches and investigative training, each potential lead will be followed and documented during the process.

Asset Location

For use in judgment collection, business ventures or pending legal circumstances, our team can search for many assets directly and indirectly associated with your subject. In many cases, bank account information is not obtainable without a subpoena or court order or a signed authorization form from the account holder.

Domestic Investigations

CIF Investigations has investigators that are trained and capable of performing domestic-related investigations such as infidelity and child custody/visitation surveillance. We are also able to provide discreet observation of your teen’s driving habits and provide you with video documentation of their behavior on the road to determine if they are texting or talking on the phone while driving or involved with other unsafe activities. A four hour minimum is required for these types of investigations.

Neighborhood Reassurance

For those considering renting or purchasing a home we offer this service that includes a list of sex offenders and crime statistics for the past year within the surrounding area, a period of surveillance in the immediate vicinity of the residence on a weekday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm and on a Saturday evening from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, as well as a discreet interview of neighboring residents to help determine the quality of the area. The charge for this service is a flat rate of $750 plus tax. A report of the sex offenders and crime statistics is also available by itself for a flat rate fee of $150 plus tax.

Process Service

Rates vary based on location and service. Please call for more information.
*Additional Investigators may be requested or required at a reduced per person charge.
**Information concerning Polygraph Examination services can be located by visiting Dallas Polygraph.
***State sales tax will be added for all services unless you have provided current tax exemption paperwork.